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CodeAcademy counts its second year in preparing IT specialists. We already have around 60 specialists of their respective fields teachers, designers, programmers, administrators and coordinators. CodeAcademy course syllabuses are created by best specialists – programmers and designers, who have built up their experience during long years of practice, together with leading companies in the region. We are located in Vilnius (Vilnius Tech Park) and Kaunas (Kaunas science and technology park). Competent teachers, newest hardware and differentiated high level syllabuses, are what you need to start a career.

700+ alumni every year

Be a part of our talent network of more than one thousand alumni and achieve goals with a group of motivated professionals.

80% of our students get employed

More than 80 percent Advanced studies alumni get hired by IT industry leaders.


We help our students to start their careers with a full-time team that gets students jobs, partnerships, and collaborations with top employers in the region.

Project: Experience

An independent CodeAcademy project that is dedicated to help students apply new IT knowledge working with real small-medium size projects. All CodeAcademy Alumni students receive an invitation to participate and with a secure internship place working directly with IT project manager and other developers.

CodeAcademy Kids

CodeAcademy Kids – is a programming academy for students aged 7 to 18. We established it to motivate modern kids to spend time on the computer effectively. When we create our syllabuses, we analyze the interests of present-day students, their character, free time activities – it makes our study material not only exceptional, but also interesting to our students.

Education system in Lithuania cannot keep up with the rapidly changing society. Things that were effective two decades ago, for students nowadays seems boring and outdated. We know how important it is to have good knowledge, therefore we do what we know best – getting the students closer to technologies and programming through creativity, logic, attention and team work.

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