Riga COMM 2018 | Cognizant Future of Work Stage

2018-10-11 10:00

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DAY 1 – October 11th

10:30 – 11:00 | Work of the Future | Greg Andruszczenko, Insight, Strategy and Design Director at Cognizant.

Concern about a “jobless future” has never been greater. Seemingly every day, an academic, researcher or technology leader suggests that in a world of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), workers will increasingly be a surplus to what businesses need. For many people, the future of work looks like a bleak place, full of temporary jobs, minimum wage labor, and a ruling technocracy is safely hidden away in their gated communities.

11:00 – 11:30 | 5 Trends Shaping The Future of Work in Latvia | Zane Culkstena, Founder of ERDA & UpMatched / Employer Branding & Recruiting

Demographic change, technological advances, new behaviors, and globalization are having a profound impact on Latvian labor market and on the future of work. On one hand, we have a major lack of the labor force, on the other – it is clear that the adoption of automation and the next market correction is just around the corner. How to navigate these complex changes and which trends are here to stay is the topic of this presentation.

11:30 -12:00 | Future of Work: Dealing with a chaos of change | Aurelija Urbonavičiūtė, CEO & co-founder at Tipi

Clearly, #FutureOfWork is a topic in many’s minds. Though discussed quite often, not to enough depth. Aurelija will share not so obvious insights about what business can do today to get ready for the inevitable changes in the way we work.

12:00 -12:30 | The future-proof office | Olegs Nikitins, Workplace Strategy consultant

The trends shaping the future of work are rapidly changing the office. During the last 10 years, the office has gone through an unprecedented transformation. First, we understood that longer hours do not necessarily mean more work done. Later, that employee well-being is directly linked to productivity. Finally, we understood that work doesn’t necessarily happen in front of a desk. With all this change out to change the business, what can we do to adapt its headquarters?

12:30 -13:00 | Panel Discussion: what can we do today to succeed in the future as individuals and organizations? | Moderated by Kim Leandersson, Cognizant Latvia CEO

13:00 -13:30 | Rise of the Machines and its impact on the future labor market: A non-tech and purely economic perspective | Morten Hansen, Head of the Economics Department at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and a member of the Fiscal Discipline Council of Latvia.

The rise of artificial Intelligence has created much hype: Millions of jobs will be destroyed as machines take over a large swathe of jobs, creating a need for some sort of Universal Basic Income to support those who will lose their jobs. But this is a very static view of the world. History is full of job destruction – and job creation as there is no special reason to think the rise of AI will change this.

13:30 – 14:00 | 10 things you will never hear teachers say. How to develop digital talents for the gig economy? | Monika Simaškaitė, CodeAcademy (leading IT academy in Lithuania) education manager and expert.

Technology experts from around the world agree that in the nearest future people in everyday life will use more and more advanced technologies. Innovation that transforms the world – the development of new technologies and adaptation is faster than ever in history. That requires rapid adjustment of society. What is the status quo of the labor market, especially in the ICT market? What myths are still holding back from faster development? What we should do differently in education?


14:30 – 16:00 Building a Modern Data Analysis Platform | Valdis Saulespurens, Instructor at Riga CODING School

Data Science has become more accessible to non-scientists due to freely available toolsets. Attendees will get hands-on experience using Anaconda Python distribution. Topics covered. Data wrangling / cleaning Accessing Big Data / Cloud solutions Selecting / Applying Machine Learning models Exporting Results / Visualizations. Workshop language – Latvian. Workshop capacity – 20 participants with personal computers.

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16:00 – 17:30 | _First Steps to Building Your First Website_ | Ilva Krave, Instructor at Riga CODING school

HTML, CSS, Javascript. Prepare yourself for a quick journey into web development and learn about what it takes to build a website. Even if you do not intend to build one yourself, knowing the basics can come in handy. Let’s talk about it, and, most importantly, get some hands-on experience in WEB development, therefore please take your computer with you. Capacity – 20 participants.

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DAY 2 – October 12th

10:30 -11:00 | Future-proofing organizations: maple syrup, ice hockey and how Canada is adapting to change | Dennis Cuku, Owner, 100th Monkey Conscious Consulting

In a world of increasing change, how is a SME to survive … much less thrive. Best in class companies have been preparing for tomorrows VUCA business arena (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)for nearly a decade. This presentation draws on two of Canada most famous exports in a thought exercise designed to inspire attendees to not only accept change but to leverage it as a disruptor.

11:00 – 13:00 | Celebrate Latvia’s 100th Birthday with Hour of Code | LearnIT

Solve logic quizzes and join the interactive journey through Latvia’s 100 years of history. While learning the basics of coding you will meet most prominent Latvian personalities, visit significant places and take part in the Song and Dance Festival! It’s a journey not to miss! Language: Latvian

13:00 – 13:30 | The Future of Work Is Creative | Elina Ingelande, LearnIT co-founder

There are no doubts anymore – technology is going to replace people at the workplace. And the first ones will be those jobs that require constant routine, robotic tasks, and repetition. Nevertheless, there are skills that separate humans from machines and are harder to automate. Imagination, creativity, and emotions are at the top of them.

14:00 – 18:00 | Invent your smart accessory | LearnIT

Combine handcrafts with the magic of coding and design your own interactive wearable! You will use small micro:bits microcomputer and write the code for step counter, interactive badge, personalized watch or invention of your own. Language: Latvian, Russian, English

14:00 – 18:00 | Create festive electronic greeting cards | LearnIT

Come and have fun designing your own blinking greeting card! You will learn to draw the electric circuit with conductive paint, add LED lights and make it glow. What a unique present for any occasion! Language: Latvian, Russian, English


When machines do everything, lots of people wonder what will we do? What work will be left for people? How will we make a living when machines are cheaper, faster and smarter than we are – machines that don’t take breaks or vacations, don’t get sick and don’t care about chatting with their colleagues about last night’s game? For many people, the future of work looks like a bleak place, full of temporary jobs (a “gig” economy), minimum wage labor and a ruling technocracy is safely hidden away in their gated communities and their circular living machines.

In the Cognizant’s Future of Work stage, we will tackle the past, the present and the future of work with world-class speakers and practical sessions. Stay tuned for the agenda and top-notch speaker’s announcements.

Working language: English
Workshop language: English & Latvian

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